Why You Won’t See Some Celebrities at the Inaugural Balls

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We thought this was an interesting read into why you won’t see some celebrities across different Inaugural Balls. We’ve noticed throughout the month as events began to come in that all the “high profile” celebrity themed balls all take place on either Sunday or Monday. The city will be quite busy with an additional couple hundred thousand people making it even harder to attend several events in one night. (We think the max number is about 2-3 a night.)

The Creative Coalition is hosting one of the most anticipated events of the Inauguration and has been known to command several A-list celebrities for their events.

…..one entertainment advocacy group is keeping the talent it’s bringing to town on lockdown.

The Creative Coalition, which has raised millions for past presidential elections and pushes for greater funding of the arts in Washington, is bringing Kirsten Dunst, Chelsea Handler, Paula Abdul, John Leguizamo, Evan Handler, Omar Epps, David Arquette, and a number of other A-listers to town. But those celebrities have been told they can’t attend outside events, including the two official inaugural balls, a plethora of state society balls, the Kennedy Center’s Latino Inaugural Performance Gala, the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball hosted by Russell Simmons, and the Generation Now Party hosted by Jessica Alba. Continue reading

InaugurationEvents.com is excited to attend The Creative Coalition event!

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