Ticketmaster Prematurely Sells Tickets To 2013 Inauguration Events

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If you follow InaugurationEvents.com then we can assume that you are interested in all things Inauguration, including getting tickets to the official Inaugural Ball.

The Presidential Committee (PIC) announced about a week ago that there would only be two official Inaugural Balls and only one would be open to the public allowing patrons to purchase tickets for a severely discounted price of $60. Get full details by clicking here.

By entering into a general ticket pool (that did not guarantee entrance to the ball) everyone was given at least an opportunity to purchase tickets to the event.

The snafu starts with everyone who entered the ticket pool receiving an official email from the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) on Sunday, January 6 at around 1pm alerting people “to be ready to purchase tickets on Monday morning (January 7)”.

An official follow up email is then sent around 7pm on January 6 from Ticketmaster with the link to proceed and purchase tickets. Some people either saw this email at the time and tried to purchase tickets and were not able to, luckily got through and was able to purchase tickets or waited until Monday morning to purchase tickets when they were at that time sold out.

Get full details on the Ticketmaster snafu here.

InaugurationEvents.com has opened a forum on our facebook page for patrons to share their experience from the mishap or let us know if they were able to purchase tickets.

We hope that the Presidential Inauguration Committee (PIC) will fix this incident and either have more tickets available or host another official Inaugural Ball since there are so many disgruntled and unhappy patrons who were counting on purchasing tickets to the ball.

Continue to check back at InaugurationEvents.com as we keep you updated on this story!

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