Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball

Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball Review

Tweet EVENT REVIEW Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball Sunday, January 20 at 9pm The Harman Center Event overview: Again the people have spoken, and The Hip-Hop community once again engaged in voter registration efforts around the country and effected change. Hip-Hop has a voice! Lets celebrate civic engagement, political power and presence once more, recognizing the continued…

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How to volunteer at the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball

Tweet We’ve had a lot of feedback and requests on how to volunteer for the Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball. The Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball has definitely been the most popular event on InaugurationEvents.com! We’ve reached out to their event team and they’ve let us know how you can contact the committee and send requests that you are…

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Update: Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball

Tweet The Hip-Hop Inaugural Ball has been one of the most anticipated balls for the Inauguration. It has been the event that has given us the most web traffic and event that we receive the most emails and communication for. For complete details on the event and final ticket pricing click here!